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Cementation Laboratory

The Cementation Laboratory of the Waste Management Service is equipped to perform research and development work in the cementation area and evaluation of natural materials used in the Wastes area. This laboratory has implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO/IEC NBR 17025:2005 and homologated the resistance test to compression of cemented products. Through it, tests to determine parameters for the cementation of radioactive wastes and other hazardous wastes from nuclear and conventional industries activities are made.

Tests to assess the quality of cement products are also performed. These works, are executed in the form of basic and applied research projects, providing solutions for the processes improvement and qualification of the waste cemented. The goal is to ensure no impairment of the human beings and/or the ecosystem during the handling, storage, transport and waste disposal steps.

Contact: Clédola Cássia Oliveira de Tello - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - +55 31 3069.3286

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