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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

In the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory are made analyzes of various chemical elements (including thorium and uranium, and rare earth elements),in various types of samples (river water, groundwater, minerals, waste, sediments, soils, plants, medicines, milk powder, etc.) for master dissertations and doctorate theses, mainly from the CDTN Post-Graduation.

To expand the scope of the technique, it is available the accessory (LASER ablation), used for direct analysis of solid samples. The LASER ablation in a mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma (LA-ICP-MS) will expand the horizons for understanding the distribution of chemical elements in solid matrices (geological, biological, environmental, etc.), thereby generating numerous works that can be used by teachers and students of the CDTN Post-Graduation in their master dissertations and doctorate theses.

Contact: Helena E. L. Palmieri - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - +55 31 3069.3181

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