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IPR-R1 TRIGA Nuclear Reactor

The IPR-R1 TRIGA nuclear reactor is a unique, pioneering, multipurpose facility with applications in education and training, research and production of radioisotopes. Over the years, the reactor has been used for several purposes, from iodine-Irradiation for health applications to large-scale analysis of mineral samples through the production of radioisotopes for industrial applications and tracers for environmental studies. The Training Course for Research Reactor Operators (CTORP) pioneered the training of operators for Angra nuclear power plants.

More recent approaches have been the irradiation of samples for analysis by Neutron Activation technique, research on new substances with potential uses in health and radio-pharmacy, radiation source production and education in nuclear technology. The TRIGA reactor is available for both researchers and students of CDTN and the partner institutions.

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